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Escape Hour

3 Locations. All Unique Escape Experience Destinations.

Escape Hour Is a family-owned and operated Escape Room Business that has locations in Washington State, and Texas currently. With award-winning experiences and hundreds of thousands of fans - the consensus is clear: Escape Hour is your go-to Escape Room Destination. 

Escape Hour Gig Harbor

4 Immersive Award-Winning Escape Rooms + Yearly Seasonal Experiences

The location that started it all. Escape Hour Gig Harbor is known for quality, immersion, and customer service. With 4 permanent rooms and multiple yearly holiday-themed rooms, theirs never a shortage of adventures. With the largest fan base out of any Escape Room in Washington state, Escape Hour Gig Harbor is a MUST DO activity in Washington. 

Escape Hour Austin

5 Immersive Escape Experiences - Voted Austin's Favorite Escape Room Destination

Austin Texas' newest Escape Room - Escape Hour Austin came into the entertainment market swinging! Quickly capturing the love from escape roomers in the area and from their the masses. With 5 Escape options and 2 of which are some of the largest in the city! Escape Hour Austin has disrupted the Escape Room Industry, and these adventures can not be missed; they have the awards to prove it!

Escape Hour Point Ruston

Tickets Now LIVE!

Located at beautiful Point Ruston WA, right on the water - Escape Hour is poised to bring the millions of people who visit a year, Washington's highest quality and most immersive Escape Experiences.

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